Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where Did Atlas Come From Where In South Africa Does Gold Come From? Is It Most Common In The Mountains?

Where in south africa does gold come from? is it most common in the mountains? - where did atlas come from

My options are the Atlas Mountains, Rwenzori Mountains, error, Sahel, see the Zambezi and the Great Rift Valley, but I can not answer everywhere, even in my book.


woltervd... said...

It comes from the mountains. South Africa gold witch from the Highveld area is essential for South Africa at an altitude of 1400m - 1700m
The Highveld is covers an area of the highlands of South Africa, the largest conurbation in the country, Johannesburg. The area of the Highveld is the size of Belgium, Johannesburg east of downtown and extends to the border with Swaziland, the rural and urban areas covering approximately 4 million square kilometers.

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