Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Install A Bathroomtub Hi I Bought A New V-touch And I Dont Know How To Start Using It. It Says On The Quick Start Guide To Install?

Hi i bought a new v-touch and i dont know how to start using it. it says on the quick start guide to install? - install a bathroomtub

confguation ND something to something and do something. Can someone please help me.


Max said...

and Conversion Facility and the thing probably refers to the combination of V-Touch to get your computer to the media, like music or photos on the device in a format that can play it. Probably it is relatively simple, the device should have come with cables to connect to connect to your computer, install any software that came with the device to follow, such as a CD, the instructions on the screen. As has been said, read the manual for further guidance.

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