Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Difference Between All Season And Grand Touring All Season Whats The Difference Between Grand Touring All Season Tires And High Performance All Season Tires?

Whats the difference between grand touring all season tires and high performance all season tires? - difference between all season and grand touring all season

I think the purchase of new tires for my Dodge Charger, and the tire plant origin are excellent places for tires. I went to tirerack and they have also achieved high performance tires I could buy all year round, instead of the main road. My question is: What is the difference between the two tires? I am a man power, he was immediately when the acquisition of high-performance tires for the season, but I do not know if I will benefit more from a touring tire original style.


dodge man said...

Grant freedom of travel, or what some are valued as the GT tire for higher speeds and in all seasons for all types of vehicles in the winter mud and snow conditions are good also have a different tread design, the more impetus to clean them, then get touring tire good luck can.

Chris F said...

A tire Grand Touring more flexibility and traction in the winter, probably better than the high-performance tires are all season tires.

billy said...

Gran Turismo = very smooth ride comfortable for long trips
Yield = somewhat stronger, but harder to get faster speeds and curves.

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