Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Plan Toys Dollhouse I Plan On Having A Garage Selling Baby Clothes And Toys How Much Should I Sell The Clothes For?

I plan on having a garage selling baby clothes and toys how much should i sell the clothes for? - plan toys dollhouse

This is my first time with a garage sale


tonaandm... said...

Depending on the name and status clothing ... Things could go very well for a dollar ... Coats and jackets Perhaps it could to 5.00. But do not expect to become rich from the topic .... The amount of money and people will probably purchase more affordable prices. If the clothing brand is not for, 25 using -. 50 elements of things like baby swings, and could sell very well. My sister is in excellent condition sells for 30.00. And a 15th walker Good luck:)

alynette... said...

If you still think prices that put a little high, a small sign that states that make an offer.

I have it in a garage sale recently b / c I was concerned with getting rid of things that needed only my performance, and a lady came to buy all childdrens clothes, too, was very, B / C it was time to grow nevertheless.

mia k said...

Presentation is everything. First, the quality of the clothing is important. You can usually get about 50 cents for a garment. Best $ 1.00 for things like IE: clothes, two pieces. (no points)
Toys May, his back more valuable if in good condition and not dirty or smudged. Up to $ 5.00 for the right things.
Remember, as you create, take over and if everything is clean and well presented. Hang clothes, if people do not dig through pile of stuff. But even here it depends on your region. Increased residential demand sometimes too much and people can share with you.
Remember that there is a flea market and want to get rid of what they have in which they hold, so that at the end of the day, may reduce the price for May be a good thing.
Your children can sell small cups of lemonade, too, it is always useful to contribute.
Good luck have fun!

phamy76 said...

Brand? $ 1.2 per team.
Generic? $ 1

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