Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lounge Seating Club Nokia Seating And VIP Lounge?

Club Nokia Seating and VIP lounge? - lounge seating

Bought my girlfriend tickets to see us go, George Clinton / Parliament Club Nokia at LA Live. My cards say line BB VIP2 access to the VIP lounges for 21 years. Exactly what that means? Are these good seats? People stand and sit on folding chairs on the floor. Can your camera. Nokia Theater is to be from the Club Nokia differently?


anon said...

If they differ, there are two places in LA Live. Nokia Theater is the great theater of 7100 seats. Club Nokia is on the third or fourth floor of the building next to the Nokia Theater. His case is the Conga Room. Club Nokia is like a capacity of 2000 seats, sorta like a House of Blues.

The official policy is that you can not take the camera, but I was in two programs, each time has crept into my digital camera. It seemed that many people broke their camera.

Club Nokia, such as House of Blues, which has two floors and a balcony. I visited two shows where the floor was general admission (no seats were created). Your ticket for the balcony level. VIP2 is HTE middle of the terrace, and BB is either the first or second row. You can see his place in the Seating Chart:


From the ground, it seems that the balcony directly overlooking the stage and is probably a very good view.

I have been with the MS / surface, so you do notGiven the required VIP room, but in, there is an upstairs bar in the area reserved for the balcony w / VIP. I know this is not the reason.

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