Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Toronto Medical School Chances Of Getting Into Medical School Greater At York University Or University Of Toronto (UofT)?

Chances of getting into Medical School greater at York University or University of Toronto (UofT)? - toronto medical school

Wondeirng York if it actually much easier than UofT PPL that most say it is. I also wonder if you can get an overall average of above York. Finally, if you have AA 3.8 GPA (to be chosen, for example) at York and another with the same GPA Fron University of Toronto, University of Toronto from New York?


Sci-Buff said...

York is not a medical school, which had issued before me, but I think we are talking about a degree here. Having passed through the registration, I can tell you that the first poster is wrong. You can use your degree at an accredited university can be in terms of Canadian medical schools and used an average no. Whether you went through the program more difficult to Harvard / University of Toronto, or if not the easiest program in the world at a prestigious university - GPA would be exactly the same. This can easily be in the United States where some schools vary * * * * * * Your GPA may be a slight increase, if a program adopted by more (depending on what they determine how much more difficult) .. I went to Mac for my degree, and therefore can not on the ease or difficulty of the University of Toronto v. speak York .. However, rumors of my friends say that York is much easier to do well in Finally, select a title that interests you - it's easier to do well. PS: For more information on the admissibility of the medical facultyProcess equipment in Canada, you can always to the forums .. Forum premed101 incredibly useful! Good luck!

Stephen said...

There is no difference. The idea that York University of Toronto is easier than likely built a myth about the rivalry between the schools. What do you get in UofT trade mark shall not be less than in York. The affect is that the teaching one course and 2 of the general intelligence of students, the largest number of students is very intelligent, liekly Prof. curves lowest grades in the toughest test /'s test. However, I think York is less competitive in the number of students is very intelligent, so I'm in York. I am thinking also to go to Medical School.

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