Thursday, January 21, 2010

Man Utd Shorts Have You Compared Injury Statistics For Man Utd And Arsenal?

Have you compared injury statistics for Man Utd and Arsenal? - man utd shorts

His stuff - Arsenal took a handful of key players for extended periods. Man Utd are short-term injuries, but that's all. As a neutral - except for the diet of training, etc.?


Renan said...

Cesc Fabregas - out for 4 months
Theo Walcott - for 3 months
Emmanuel Adebayor - off period of 7 weeks
Tomas Rosicky - off period of 15 months
Eduardo da Silva - 12 months + 1 month + 1 months
Robin van Persie - out for 3 weeks
William Gallas - in 2 months
Gael Clichy - in 2 months
Manuel Almunia - out for 1 month + 2 weeks

I can go if you want to ...

I'm not in America ...

god said...

True skill levels to reduce the risk of injury, but not eliminate all together, but the strength in depth staff includes a lot when the best players of the team called for a big difference, as every time is at 18 utd article is not good enough for Arsenal and Aston Villa doldrums until the end of the season, which managed to preserve at the 4th Has to stay square and place of the Champions League

Scurvy Gums Ramona said...

Man United played caution yesterday, all I needed was a draw, and it succeeded. We won the Premier League in general. And if we draw against Arsenal? I saw the game and United were playing to win or draw, we have not played our best, because let's face Arsenal, you really need: P?

hadji ||CFC|| said...

Arsenal must learn not to build a team with depth, only 11 sterdy, no backups to be able to work to do week after week.

☆☆☆~ Pokey ~☆☆☆ said...

Touzour Penguin beaches were feigning insult to injury classification aresnal Liverpool.

The score is .. ha, ha, 0-0 and win over the Red Devils. "

james said...

who cares man u are the champions and Arsenal suck.wey, dextrose

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