Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dual Baby Shower Wording Dual Baby Shower Invitation Wording?

Dual Baby Shower Invitation Wording? - dual baby shower wording

We are launching a double baby shower for two colleagues who wait and are only 5 days apart. Full someone cute in your invitation? Both boys.


Jan J said...

Boy Oh Boy! Both are "waiting to celebrate" to our joy! Please join us ......... (And what you mean.)

maxin_96 said...

I LOVE suggestions Sarahz! If you want more, I'll try, but I do not think it will do better than him.

This is a baby shower for two!
Both have to BLUE!
help them what they need
to fill with their new little mouths

____ ____and Have Babies!
You know what I mean!
It is a baby shower for two, and both BLUE!
All we need you!
Join us in celebrating this special day
With two small children on the way!

Oh boy! Oh Boy, are two little boys!
_____ And ____ and children who wait!
For example, a baby shower for DOS
So we will need, and many many BLUE!
There are so you must
To fill with its all new little mouths!

I hope this helps, congratulations to your colleagues!

Sarahz said...

just a few quick ideas ....

Double joy
Double fun
We shower and Tara Suzie
Gifts for Kids New!


All things blue
That is what we need so much
Clothing, blankets, slippers
and nutrition numerous bottles!

Information is then the shower of course

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