Saturday, January 9, 2010

How To Accessorize A Red Gown Makeup And Accessories For A Red And Gold Gown?

Makeup and accessories for a red and gold gown? - how to accessorize a red gown

I want to see a show this morning, I had a spaghetti-red-gold cocktail dress tied. Make-up, what should I use and how can I adjust this?

Added information: medium complexion, black hair


Anonymous said...

Why do you wear a cocktail dress in the morning? Go with the make-up subtle. Foundation for flawless skin, concealer, to cover stains, make-flattering neutral (up depends on what you do for your eyes, really depends on what is good and what can still be done, but try to eyeliner along the top of his lasline (light champagne gold) GLITTER eyeshadow on the corners of his eyes, the tone in the beige hat and mask) and gloss. Do not wear red lipstick.

Curling your hair is too vague, pleasant, and the use of earrings in gold.

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