Friday, February 19, 2010

Charcoal Pinstripe Suit Brown Shoes What Colour Shirt And Tie With A Dark Charcoal, Almost Black, Thin/feint Pinstripe Suit, For Wedding?

What colour shirt and tie with a dark charcoal, almost black, thin/feint pinstripe suit, for wedding? - charcoal pinstripe suit brown shoes

Hello to all. Do you have a weekend wedding. He chose a beautiful dress, well adjusted, but I always hated the collection of shirts and ties to go with them. The demand for coal is very dark, almost black, with stripes very feint. Simple chest, two buttons. Well, I'm sure that you should not do striped shirt with a striped tie. But I'm really not, what color shirt and tie to go with. Im not the biggest fan of white shirts, I think, is a bit too business like for a wedding. I think maybe a lemon cake, yellow, pink or light blue pastel shirt. But no evidence of the links? All suggestions welcome! Shoes should be black or brown, I like both?


annabana... said...

What do the links, I am a big fan of vines at the vineyard

I buy links from my husband, and Thomas Pink shirt and tie when they go to the part of a shirt for you! I am sure that most shops are other men. Even with salmon or blues or old-fashioned yellow or white Go. Try and Brooks Brothers. Will not be in dark colors like the tents of many men Warehouse (They go in the end it is), the push for cheaper and get dates. ...

Because it can make technically Coal suit, brown shoes. Even if there is a dark charcoal. You can also boots town of Cognac. Someone said black - when they have clothes, but the rules are different for womenfor men. Find the book "Dressing the Man" ...

littlblu... said...

In any case, black shoes. It is gray-brown.
I love pink shirts on guys, especially for a wedding. Each pastel color would be nice. Go with a link that is a version of a dark color, and solids, such as light blue shirt, blue tie, ie: lavender shirt, purple tie. Or go with a gray tie. Pink shirt that goes with a gray tie. Ooh, I think, and I love it!
Or go ask the people into a clothing store for men in the vicinity of Yu, we can say, as it seems good to your skin, which in the season, and what best suits your budget.


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