Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gay Groped Videos How Do I React To Finding Out My Little Brother Is Gay?

How do i react to finding out my little brother is gay? - gay groped videos

Today, I am surfing the internet on my laptop, control of MySpace, in fact, nothing new on Facebook, so I'm really bored and go on youtube .... My little brother has been signed hers and you do not like when you go to my laptop so I clicked on your history to see what was so important he had to sneak in and see my laptop in order to .... To my surprise, he had 30 videos gay men kissing, groping .... just a lot of things gay gay ... Anyway ... I called my room to see what it was, of course, I knew he was a certain attraction to homosexuality in this period ... He confessed that he loves the children, a little, but does grlfriend him the world ... I know he loves his girlfriend, but then why are you playing videos gay ??.... one of my best friends is gay, but I'm shockkkk ... What should I do?


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