Friday, February 5, 2010

Torture Shock Photo If The Military Is Releasing Torture Photos And CIA Shredded Videos, How Much Worse Were The Videos?

If the military is releasing torture photos and CIA shredded videos, how much worse were the videos? - torture shock photo

If the video before a judicial inquiry has been destroyed before (because of the fear that he would not return under the court order), how much tamer, less shocking, less a reflection of the reality of torture have represented no doubt these photos? ...


Ben-Hur Ova B.A.A.P. said...

To destroy the government Shred or documents when they are trying to destroy the information contained in these documents. National security needs of the information is secret, sometimes for years.

The documents are not destroyed, but remained almost always. The declassified information from 1 World War I and 2 World War can be found in national archives. Nothing has been destroyed forever.

One of the highlights of the CIA was involved in protecting safe to delete if MK Ultra project was shown where the experience of illegal torture, mind control and drug-induced manipulation is a U.S. citizen from. UU., Without their consent. Most of the documentation was destroyed, with only a fraction went to the Congress.

It is doubtful that have been destroyed to hide the secrets of the United States, but rather protect the parties involved and try to minimize the importance of the suspects in the interrogation with torture. Not really the intelligence painted in a good light in which an image of "enemy combatant & qu displayot; cry of pain and cried and begged to stop. Someone may start to believe that we as human beings.

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