Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tiredness How Do I Know If My Tiredness Stems From Food Allergies?

How do i know if my tiredness stems from food allergies? - tiredness

I'm very tired, continuous learning, and instant messaging at school to eat, but after eating carbs carbs carbs and protein that I never seem to be worn in the energy. Is there any kind of food allergy, which causes constant fatigue, and another thing is when I eat certain foods I can eat a ton and not, as I am not eating at all weird?



Vampire Princess said...

Food allergies do not make you tired, give the stomach easier or harder, depending on how you are allergic to them.

Fatigue can be caused by any type of vitamin A, I know that iron deficiency is usually the worst. Try a larger amount of vitamins.

In addition, adherence to regular sleep schedule, even if you always get enough sleep every night when you awake in bed and go at different hours per day, you get tired.

And with food, is the level of strength. Foods that expand startch really rich when it is completed quickly, without startch certain foods or very low levels, it will make you feel like you did not eat anything.

Unbeliev... said...

You'll be surprised what you along with it, if you are in pure distilled water or even water will be filmed. I use it for everything, cooking, drinking, coffee, etc. chlorination install a filter in the shower and bath, there are only. Use long rubber gloves for washing dishes and even change their cleaning chemicals away from anything with chlorine. I recommend replacing it with environmentally friendly in the health food store. Now also a multiple of vitamins and minerals and trace elements good combination, and if you have a cup of tea Strauss Wonder original formula have everyday. Both products are available in most health food stores. You need to burn energy. Good luck. H.

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