Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Prolapsed Uterus More Condition_symptoms Image Can A Prolapsed Uterus Cause Infertility?

Can a Prolapsed Uterus cause infertility? - prolapsed uterus more condition_symptoms image

Diagnosed I am a woman of 33 years, was under severe uterine prolapse at the age of 24 I knew that something was wrong before I was diagnosed, but it was difficult to fully test to the incident. Many doctors I was surprised because I am young, have never seen someone so. I was told that women generally suffer from this disease are older women undergo a hysterectomy, or had several children. I've never been pregnant, and when I asked whether my condition can be the cause, I said no, and never had an affair. I researched on the internet I have read, never a story of another woman with my problem. My sister also has a prolapsed uterus, but she has children and said that our situation is probably hereditary. I think this theory is true, but I have no children and I think my condition is the cause of my infertility. Anyone else have this condition and has no children?


iampatsa... said...

Well .. I would like to help, but I know what is being done to treat it? Do you already have surgery? Have you ever in a surgical muscle contraction? Kegals Did you know? At a level of estrogen and see if estrogen suppliments are you?

Do you have a chronic cough or asthma? If you are overweight or have you had any evidence of earlier menopause? Have you ever worked in a held job or work out weight?

If repaired, and their estrogen levels are normal .. They should understand the situation. However, as is usually something that occurs in women during menopause suggest you speak a fertility specialist as soon as possible.

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