Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mirrored Canopy Bed Im Tryin To Lay Out Mah Apartment Bedroom, Any Ideas?

Im tryin to lay out mah apartment bedroom, any ideas? - mirrored canopy bed

i dont have much money, or want my bedroom to $ 200 design. I just want breakfast, and I have an air bag on the floor. I'm sleepin on it for 10 months I have lived here and its time for a change. I improved my room a lot, but I want to work in my room. wut do yall think of them four-poster? Im thinkin about gettin into a queen or larger. whats forms Getta cheapset canopy in good condition. Poster r good? opens the window, gonna get the bamboo blinds, and I would like a curtain Goldish color of the window. Ya Gotta Goldish color mirrors, or if you are an inexpensive comfortable Getta, 3 or 4 drawers high. I do not yearn. only a little. I also Getta carpet cheap. I remember that you can only $ 200 ... How do I do that?


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