Thursday, December 17, 2009

Anorexia Pictures Before And After Anorexia Recovery Please Help?

Anorexia recovery please help? - anorexia pictures before and after

I began to suffer from anorexia in 2007
Now I eat better than before, but there were somedays I eat everything

I used to call me fat and everything all the time, but I do so with CarNT i.

I have contributed to these arrangements, and when I look in the mirror and pictures INTHE things that some bone before fat.

Ive, but began to eat less (I do not eat breakfast one day, lunch or dinner, had only one energy drink and 2 plates)

So this is normal in the recovery or grogress out of business?

and I've never really, or is still there: (
Please can someone give me some advice


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