Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oak Beverage Debra Boening Is It Legal To Bring Alcoholic Beverages To North Beach & Oak Street Beach In Chicago?

Is it legal to bring alcoholic beverages to North Beach & Oak Street Beach in Chicago? - oak beverage debra boening

Like a cool beer at all?


bodinibo... said...

No, no alcohol allowed on the beach or in parks. However, the people drinking in parks and on beaches, but the most intelligent are discreet. Plastic cups, beer things comfortable, plastic "water" bottles. Look, if you're going to do, I know you can be arrested. But the best is as inconspicuous as possible.

Pumkin Pie said...

You do not have alcohol on the beach or on the street, all in Chicago. Where I (south side) live, the police mess with you, even if alcohol is not open and to come to him to take with you.

Probably not heckle people in the North Avenue or Oak Street, but I am sure that you always should have.

Sometimes people are placed on liquor bottles with juice or something that the police do not know if it is to see - what about those who led them to juices.

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